Burned building bad for business in San Benito

Burned building bad for business in San Benito.

Ray Gonzalez is a self-proclaimed watchdog in the city of San Benito.

He's speaking out about a building at the corner of historical downtown's Robertson and Travis.

The building suffered major damage after a fire in 2011 and aside from the flames being put out, not much else was done to clean up the mess left behind which is why Ray is calling 4 action.

I went to the city and they said they would take care of it in September but nothing TMs been done.

We could easily peek inside and in plain view major damage.

The roof collapsed and what is still sheltering the building is being held up by a burned piece of wood.

There's insulation scattered throughout and it's clear to see what used to be New Noe's restaurant is in ruins.

Elsa Flores runs her restaurant just a few doors down and says the eyesore is bad for business in more ways than one.

She says customers don't want to look at that mess when they come here, plus the rubble next door has become a hotbed for insects and rodents.

She wants it cleaned out before her paying customers start turning away.

Ray's burned out from complaining about it and says something finally needs to be done by the people responsible.

The city code inspector tells us they have sent the owners a second notice and if they don TMt comply within 10 to 14 days, the city will step in and take action.