Bus camera catches 'sex acts' between EEISD students, baseball coaches do 'nothing'

Edcouch-Elsa ISD administrators say they have evidence to prove how two coaches failed supervision of teammates on a bus led to an apparent sex show between students.

The game appears to be over forever for two baseball coaches at the Edcouch Elsa Independent School District.

Administrators say they have evidence to prove how their failed supervision of teammates on a bus led to an apparent sex show between students.

It all stems from the district's random review of school bus surveillance video from a boy's baseball team's return trip last month.

E.E.I.S.D. attorney Gustavo Acevedo says the video shows sex acts between a female student trainer and underage male student player.

The coaches were just seats away.

Assistant Coach George Franco, an at-will paraprofessional with 11 years at E.E.I.S.D, has been fired.

Head Coach Sergio Rubio, who has four years with the district, has been suspended as the school board prepares to vote soon on his proposed termination and non-renewal request.

"The video speaks for itself and to me... And it appears very clear to a reasonable person viewing the video that there was a serious lack of supervision going on," attorney Gustavo said.

He says the head coach is caught on tape sleeping.

The bus camera, which has the ability to tape at night, shows the then assistant coach not only watching the students engage in lewd behavior but draw attention to it, according to Gustavo.

"You see the assistant coach kicking the coach... As if telling him to look there... That's on the video," he explains. "It wasn't just a tap to wake him up... He kicked him 14 times... Before he got Rubio's attention."

The head coach apparently went back to sleep, according to the attorney who claimed the video showed that he did see the students in question.

There are three strikes between the coaches with regards to school district policies.

Gustavo outlined them by saying that one of the coaches, who both doubled up as bus monitors on the trip, should have sat with the female student trainer.

He added that monitors are not supposed to sleep on the job.

He also called their failure to properly supervise the students, one of the worst cases in his 25 year career as an attorney with various school districts.

Action 4 News could not reach either coach for a comment.

Coach Rubio has retained an attorney and will have the right to appeal his notice of termination.

The district also notified the Elsa Police Department and Child Protective Services or C.P.S. since the male student was underage.

Both students have been suspended and face further disciplinary action, according to Gustavo.

The district also plans to change policies to possibly eliminate co-ed traveling for sporting events.

This type of behavior will not be tolerated by students or staff, Gustavo said.Click here to join Ryan Wolf TMs Facebook pageClick here to follow Ryan Wolf on Twitter