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      Bus company director speaks out after crash on 83

      In the blink of an eye, the lives of several motorists on Expressway 83 in Donna forever changed.

      One person stuck inside this truck that quickly caught fire, didn't survive.

      Tom Logan, Director of Valley Metro, says one of his buses was involved in the accident.

      "We don't know all the details but we know our bus was in an accident."

      The bus, which is on the STC route to transport students to and from campus, allegedly crashed into the truck and then continued off the expressway and into a business on the frontage road.

      Luckily, only the driver of the bus was on board.

      Meanwhile, on top of the expressway, rescue crews rush in to put out the flames of the truck which had burst into flames.

      Authorities say one person was able to escape, but the other perished in the vehicle.

      Logan says right now the focus is the family that is in mourning but also finding out how this all happened.

      "The driver was transported to the hospital for a checkup since he had some back pain, but there were no passengers on the bus."

      Donna police are heading the investigation of the crash.

      They held traffic off the area for several hours while trying to reconstruct what occurred.

      Logan says Valley Metro is cooperating fully and wants the public to know this is an isolated event and their busses are safe to use for transportation.

      "Our drivers are constantly being trained on customer service and safety because we transport precious cargo."