Bus Stop In Rio Hondo Causing Problems

This school year things will be a little different for 8 year old Andrew Garza, come August 24th the school bus will no longer wait for him, he'll have to go to it. Mrs. Garza, is the way Andrew TMs mom wants to be identified, she said they want the kids to go and walk like 1/4 mile where the water tower is at and that TMs too dangerous for our kids.

It TMs not just one parent that's upset with Rio Hondo school districts decision to move the bus stop but several along this small community on Nelson Road are too.

That TMs not all Mrs. Garza is concerned with she is also worried about a narrow bridge the kids would have to cross to get there. Garza said the bridge with no railing could potentially cause a major tragedy.

Speeders are also a problem, explained the parent who adds no one pays attention to the traffic signs in the area.

We took matters to the Rio Hondo Superintendent Annalise McMinn who admits the bridge is dangerous. In a phone interview the superintendent said, The water there is very deep. The bus TM tires barely go over the edge of that bridge it would topple in and there is no way we can save the kids, it TMs just a matter of safety for our students.

On top of that McMinn said one of the pillars is beginning to crumble risking the safety of the bus and children.

The superintendent point out the bridge is the state's property and would support parents if they petition TX-Dot to fix it.

The superintendent said she understands the parents concern but adds she's doing something to protect the overall majority of the students who live there.