Business Owner - Burglars are 'Savages'

For a water company that strives for purity, Avant's owner makes it clear how there was nothing "pure" about the savages who repeatedly burglarized his business. "It just doesn't make any sense even... It's just plain meanness," Roger Boulter said. Since July 1st, his company has had 11 break-ins in Brownsville on a total of 5 water stations. Boulter puts the damages at $25,000. That figure does not unknown losses in sales, according to Boulter. "It will really hurt our bottom line for the year," he said. Brownsville police arrested two people in connection with the serial burglaries. Gilbert Garcia reportedly confessed to the crimes as the ring leader following his arrest Thursday in another theft case. Police said it involved a stolen van and tools traced back to him at a pawn shop. Tiffany Saenz will be charged for the stolen van and tools, but her exact role, if any, to the water machines still isn't clear, according to police. A $5,000 tipster reward remains in place. Boulter said the goal is to discourage future thievery. "That bounty is still out there," he said. "If anybody out there ever catches anyone breaking into my machines and it results in a successful prosecution." And while the three weeks of terror have taken its toll on the small business, Boulter said he hopes new roving security cameras and more frequent coin counts will leave little for a crook to desire. "If you break in... you're not getting anything... it's just that simple," Boulter said.