Business owner ~shocked TM over sports bar stabbing

Brownsville Police continue investigating a deadly stabbing early Sunday morning at the Upside Down Sports Bar and Grill.

O fficers responded to the 500 block of Springmart Blvd at about 2 a.m.

I nside , they found a 22 - year - old man with stab wounds to his stomach.

" It TMs a very big surprise, " Joe Becerra said. And it TMs kind of scary to work next to them.

B ecerra is the owner of Petalos Hair Salon next door.

H e sa id they had a fundraising event on Saturday night and by the time it was over and they cleaned up, they saw the commotion.

" We noticed a lot of cops pulling in and interviewing people and talking to them but we don TMt know anything that happened, " Becerra said.

B y late Sunday morning, officers were back on scene to gather more details.

Police S pokesperson J.J. Trevio said the victim died at the hospital and the person that stabbed him fled in a black SUV.

" You know this can happen anywhere and yes that you go out and this happens to you, it is a shame, " Becerra added. I TMm shocked.

Be cerra sa id he feels bad , not just for the victim but also for the bar owner , w ho m he calls a good guy.

H e add ed that since they moved in at the start of January, they hadn't heard of major problems at the bar.

" We usually come in the morning and we don TMt see anything. There TMs a couple of beer cans out there, " Becerran concluded. Other than that, the neighbors are pretty good. We never had any issues with them since we TMve been here.

L ike police " Becerra also wants to know how a fun night out ended in murder.

Trevio said that they will release the victim's identity on Monday morning.

T hey a re also asking anyone who was there, to help them find the person responsible.

Anyone with information can call the Brownsville Crime Stoppers line at (956) 546-8477