Business owners accused of milking $355,000 in fake claims from Medicaid

Frank Gonzalez and Graciela Escamilla submitted false, fraudulent billing claims to Medicare and Medicaid

Two business owners from Mission are facing a laundry list of charges after being accused in a Medicaid fraud scheme.

Frank Gonzalez and Graciela Escamilla are accused of fraudulently using the names of real dialysis patients to milk money from the system.

The two appeared before a federal judge in McAllen on Thursday morning.

Gonzalez is the the owner of River Valley Transport, which is also known as "Med-Alert EMS.

Escamilla owns Rioplex Billing Solutions.

The 20-page indictment alleges that Escamilla acted as the biller.

The two submitted false and fraudulent billing claims to both Medicare and Medicaid.

Documents reveal that they filed $668,000 in fake claims for dialysis patients transported by ambulance over a four-year period.

Federal prosecutors said those transports never happened.

To cover it all up, Escamilla and Gonzalez allegedly created a series of fake records with forged signatures and illegally used identities of real patients.

Medicare and Medicaid paid out over $335,000 before the alleged activities were uncovered.

Prosecutors said the patients did not know their names had been used but investigators were able to uncover the fraud.

The two are now charged with one court of conspiracy to commit health care fraud, seven counts of health care fraud and one count of aggravated identity theft.

Gonzalez and Escamilla are out on $50,000 dollar bonds.