Business owners fear burglars are becoming more violent

Within the past six months, the smoke shop on F Street was burglarized six times.

The suspect used pliers and a ball of cement with a string to throw at the glass door.

The business owner wants the person in the video off the streets.

The shop is not the only one to be burglarized on F Street.

Other businesses said they are outraged by the recent break-ins in the area.

"The smoke shop got robbed just last week and it TMs been what maybe four times in the past two months the barber shop also was involved in a robbery and at cricket they have been robbed," the man said.

The thieves are bold and getting violent by targeting shop owners in broad daylight.

"Actually it was broad daylight and I believe the owner was going out around the 5:00 o TMclock when the business was closed and he got robbed he got robbed I believe the guy had a knife on him robbed him on broad daylight," the man said.

Business owners said the barber shop owner had been there for years and knows everyone in the area.

Local business owners knew thieves had no shame when they targeted an elderly man.

Shop owners believe they are local teens who are causing the damage.

Owners said the young thieves are getting more violent causing fear in some people.

"I TMm scared you know because we deal with money every day and I mean every time I leave the office with money to go drop it off at the bank it TMs scary because you don TMt know what is going to happen," the man said.

The damage to the smoke shop has been about $2,000.

The owners of the shop say they are changing the age of people who enter the business from 18 to 21-years-old.

Owners are asking Harlingen police to patrol the area.

Action 4 News contacted Harlingen police.

They said they are aware of the issue and are currently investigating the break-ins.