Businesses Battle High Gas Prices During Easter Vacation

Despite the boost in tourists on South Padre Island this weekend, some businesses say they're still feeling the pain of high gas prices.

I TMm seeing that most people are within a 100 mile radius, were seeing not as many people from say Oklahoma, as we would have seen last summer" said Liz Money.

Liz owns Ship shape and The Sand Piper on South Padre Island.

She said her sales took a hit after a low turn out during spring break.

But believes the need for relaxation, will keep people coming out.

"People love to go on vacations, and they live for it, they work 365 days a year on average, people need time off and with the beach so close for so many, it's such a wonderful escape" said Liz.

Wally Cunningham is from Chicago.

He said gas prices didn't stop him from traveling. He and his girlfriend wanted to get as far south as possible.

Chicago has about 30 to 40 degree temperatures right now, with working a lot and with being in the cold, its time for a break." Said Wally.

And many are taking that break at Parrot Eyes on South Padre Island.

It's a restaurant, bar and water sports venue.

General manager Ronaldo Ramirez said they've seen an increase in their business during Semana Santa.

But said more expensive gas, means a bigger bill, when it comes to getting produce delivered.