Businesses, drivers affected by Morrison Road construction in Brownsville

It's a double whammy for drivers in Brownsville. Morrison Road in either direction at Expressway 77 is under construction. Driver faces of frustration can be seen all around. "We just came from up there, had to loop back to get over here to the AT&T store," Pete Lipscomb said. East Morrison Road is open to traffic in only one direction towards the expressway. West Morrison Road is passable in both directions but limited with two major accesses to shopping centers and retails stores closed. Lipscomb is having a heck of a time trying to get to the AT&T store. "You can't get there from here," he said. "To get to the AT&T store I have to go all the way to Alton Gloor and come back on Frontage Road." Reporter: What word comes to mind? Lipscomb: Hassle. The chaos and confusion for commuters is only one part of the story. Businesses report loses upwards of 30 to 40 percent because customers can't figure out how to find the entrance or avoid traffic. The parking lot at Eyemart off East Morrison near Target was empty Friday afternoon. Jesse Duran is an Optician at the store who says lingering construction since the start of summer has been a bad reflection on business. "During rush hour... It gets packed... There's a big line... And for them to actually come to our store... They are actually complaining." Customers can't see where to correctly enter many of the stores on either side of the expressway. The best access to them from frontage roads, according to City Engineer Carlos Lastra. He says everyone will benefit in the end from the two separate projects. "It will alleviate traffic congestion at major intersections like FM 802 and Alton Gloor and it will also provide great economic opportunities for this whole area," Lastra explained. The East Morrison project will connect to Paredes Line Road. It's scheduled to be completed in February 2012. A TxDOT spokesperson who's overseeing the construction says drivers in the area can expect relief in the next 2 to 4 weeks near the front entrance to the Target store. The West Morrison project will connect to FM 3248. It's scheduled to be completed in March 2012. Lastra says drivers will have access to the shopping center through the side Home Depot entrance by the end of next week.