Buying a new car for the New Year

Many people will tell you that the best time to buy a car is at the end of the year.

The reason may be because the car industry hopes to end 2010 in the black, meaning customers can save some green.

The factories themselves have a certain number of units they want to sell for the end of the year, said Belinda Zapata General Manager Bert Ogden in Harlingen.

Right now is the big push for that|and with that they give extra larger rebates at this time if the year."

Incentives that buyers like Jos Garcia took advantage of.

With keys in hand Garcia said he got this Kia Sorrento for a heck of a price.

We have rates as low as 1.90 percent even if you go through the credit union you can get something 3.5 percent break which is an awesome rate," said Sorrento.

The Bert Ogden GM pointed out, even used vehicles offer great savings.

Depending on your credit you can get really good rates something under 5 percent for a vehicle that's under 3 years old that's great as well for the consumer."

A drastic change from just 3 years ago, when the Cash for Clunkers program was hoping to revive the automotive industry.

In fact, the local economy is doing so well Zapata aid they TMre having the best month since 2007, with 100 cars sold in just December.

So if you've been eyeing a new vehicle, now's the time to cash in and drive away with the savings.