Call 4 Action - A new roof over their heads

The mold is creeping its way across the ceiling of Maria Lira's home; it poses a threat to her 3-year-old Aaron and her two other kids.

"It's bad for the kids, she said. As an adult we can deal with it, but what if they get sick?"

In addition to the mold, the family of five said they are dealing with cramped conditions.

Their rental home is so small they used Styrofoam as walls, to separate their makeshift bedroom from the kitchen.

"We rented out this place hoping to finish building our home and then move there," she said.

The Lira family has lived there for the past three years, while they finish up construction on their own home, which has been a work in progress.

Lira TMs husband works in construction.

He is building the new home himself at a lot on Bentsen Palm Drive near 9 Mile Line Road, with the money from his job.

But the construction job has slowed down and expenses for the family are steady.

In addition to rent and living expenses, Lira and her husband also make monthly payments on the lot where their new home is.

What is left behind does not allow them to purchase building materials.

"We're asking anyone who can to help us with wood, or any construction materials, we would really appreciate it," she said.

Lira added that their hard work has allowed them to get start work on their new home, but they need the help to finish it.

If anyone is interested in helping the family, they can contact Maria Lira at (956) 584-0219.

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