Call 4 Action - Ailing mother hopes for better Christmas

Regina Cain is put the finishing touches on her Christmas tree as Action 4 went to visit Thursday afternoon.

For the mother of two life hasn TMt been easy.

I had hopes it was going to get better, that it was just a kidney problem, said Cain. But it wasn TMt." Doctors diagnosed her with lupus but for Regina the bad news didn TMt end there. Just 2 days before Christmas he left us." Regina told Action 4 her husband of more than 12 years abandoned her and her children.

At the time, she said she wasn TMt too worried because she had he education to fall back on.

Problem was her illness quickly took over and didn TMt allow her to do too much.

She filed for disability only to learn she didn TMt qualify.

Because of my age and education is exactly written on the papers," explained Cain.

The Oklahoma native told us she was devastated and knew she needed to move on, literally.

She relocated down to the valley with nothing but her children and father.

I said well I have kind of the best of both worlds we can make some memories at the beach as well because we don TMt know how much time I really do have." But its times like these, during the holidays that things get harder to bear according to Cain.

This is the 3rd year in a row of me not being able to give the kids anything for Christmas|we put up the tree but we don TMt have anything there"

Regina told us in the past she's gifted her children with used toys but as her little one gets older she's hoping Santa can bring her something better.

As for her oldest, Caiden he only wants one thing, for his mom to get better.