Call 4 Action - Auto Parts Store Ripoff

Mario Tamayo

Brownsville resident Maria Tamayo is planning to file a civil lawsuit after she said el El Valle Foreign and Domestic Auto Parts in Harlingen charged her nearly $200 for a part that doesn TMt work, mistreated her, and wasted her time.

Tamayo said that when her SUV needed another fuel pump, she and her husband didn't think they would find the right one.

However, when they located one in a small auto parts shop just off Expressway 77/83 in Harlingen, they believed their luck had changed.

"We went over, they asked for money, we deposited the money (and) hey ordered the part, Tamayo said. We called five days later to see if it was going to be ready (and) we went and picked it up paid the difference. We came over and we asked our mechanic to put it on, (but) it didn TMt work."

Tamayo said she went back to El Valle auto parts to report the problem and employees assured her they would order another part.

Then a week passed and the part never arrived, she said.

"(The employees) said they never sent the part back (and ordered a new one) because the part was a good part and we have to take it back (home with us)."

Tamayo said not only did the shop never order a new part, she claims they were rude to her as well.

Fed-up with getting the run around, Tamayo said, she purchased another part from a different company.

However, employees at El Valle said they've done nothing wrong and that Tamayo TMs fuel pump is arriving Wednesday."We actually did order a new part, Gerardo Lopez, a salesman at the auto parts shop said. She got upset, didn TMt' want to wait and I guess she decided to call (Action 4 News)."

Lopez said there was nothing they could do about the back orders due to the holidays, and auto parts shops don TMt refund money to protect their business.

Tamayo said after the gas, energy and time she wasted with this business, she plans to go forth with the civil lawsuit to get the money she lost on the fuel pump plus court fees.

El Valle Auto Parts gave Action 4 News a copy of the order for the fuel pump which shows the part is scheduled to arrive Wednesday.

But Tamayo said Wednesday is just too late. Tamayo said she doesn TMt want to do business with El Valle anymore because she's already wasted too much of her time with them.