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      Call 4 Action - Baby's Grave Destroyed in Santa Rosa

      Diana Morales returned to the grave of her daughter who never had a chance at life.

      She lost her baby while she was 8 months pregnant in 2009 and now finds herself reliving that nightmare.

      "They've turned my world upside down," said Morales.

      She claims city crews destroyed the grave.

      "They made my baby's grave an entry to get where they needed to," said Morales.

      The grieving mother alleges that crews drove over her daughters grave with heavy machinery from one end of the cemetery to the other.

      "I'm an emotional wreck. I'm distraught. I need answers," said Morales.

      She called Trinity Funeral Home in Harlingen to have her child's remains dug up to check for any damages.

      Only pieces of the wooden casket were left.

      According to the funeral home, it was already naturally disintegrated.

      Her unborn daughter's name plate was also missing.

      "Does he even realize what he has done," Morales asked. "The damage that he has done to me, to my baby's grave? I don't believe this person would want this done to his baby's daughter."

      The fetus and casket mixed with soil were transferred to a new casket for this mother to move on.

      "This has severely destroyed me," said Morales.

      She wants justice and says whoever was driving the backhoe should be terminated.

      She says the city needs to take responsibility.

      According to an employee at Santa Rosa City Hall, the cemetery is owned by the city and the city secretary is in charge of it.

      Action 4 News called both the city secretary and the mayor for a response to the allegations and we were told that they were unavailable.

      We'll keep calling.