Call 4 Action - Back up sewage spills onto several dozen lawns in San Benito

It's a stench that can be smelled from a mile away.

Sewage has leaked out from underground into several San Benito properties including Maria Gonzalez's on Milam Street.

"It's smells real bad."

She's lived here for more than 20 years and after all that time the sewer is still backing up.

"We call the city and they say they're going to fix it and they never do."

Maria woke up to the dirty water spewing out from a valve just a couple of feet from her back door.

The clothes she set out to dry are now stuck on the line since the ground beneath them is drenched with septic material that poses a danger to Maria and her family.

"I have asthma and my grandkids want to come out and play but I tell them they can't because there is too much dirty water."

It's all part of the daily routine at Maria's home since the city continues to just clean up the mess rather than dig up the old pipes and replace them with new ones.

Plus, Maria is not alone in her mess of a problem, several dozen other homes suffer the same damage every time a temporary pump at the lift station outside Landrum Elementary fails, just like it did Monday night.

Residents say they can't even tend to their lawns because of the foul odor constantly in the air and the filfthy water that runs into the streets.

They want San Benito city leaders to stop flushing money down the toilet which is just coming back up in slosh in their yards, and instead make a bigger investment to clean up the mess for good.