Call 4 Action - Battered Mobile Home

There are few words that can better describe what is left of a rundown mobile home sitting on Joe Montes TM property, than an eyesore.

"I can TMt clean my yard, I can TMt cut the grass and the new one back there, he said. Nobody sees it, they see the old one in front."

The rundown structure stands in front of Montes' new home along Beddoes Road in La Feria, but the problem is it should have been gone six months ago.

"I just want this person, Abel Rangel, to come and pick this thing up, Montes said. It TMs his and I don TMt want him to give me the run around because it TMs been more than enough."

He sold it to Rangel back in October for $50, but getting rid of it turned out to be harder than practically giving it away.

"He sold it three times already and the people come and work on it and start taking it apart," he added, saying that those same people later change their minds.

Montes insisted the home is practically unlivable, yet he is stuck paying property taxes for it.

He added that the costs of tearing it down far exceed his limited retirement income.

Action 4 News spoke to Abel Rangel over the phone.

He assured that he would remove the mobile home from Montes' property within ten days.

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