Call 4 Action - Boat Store Flooded

Flooding makes one boat store look more like a lake, and the owner said it's costing him tens of thousands of dollars.

He said the culprit behind the flooding problem is the FM 493 expansion, and he wants TXDOT to fix the problem.

"Every time it rains, the parking lot floods," said Cleve Ford, owner of Dargel Boats, Inc.

Dargel Boats is located at 4110 N. FM 493 in Donna, and Ford said since TXDOT expanded FM 493, his business had gotten flooded in.

"It almost gets deep enough to ride a boat in my parking lot," said Ford.

Ford said the flooding hurts business.

"All production has to cease because the guys are in the showroom sweeping out water trying to keep stuff from flooding," said Ford.

Ford said he's contacted TXDOT, and they started the process to open a new drain.

"But they never did finish," said Ford.

So he took matters into his own hands.

He dug his own ditch that stretches from one end of the building to the other and he put a pump with a pipe that goes underground out to the road in an attempt to prevent flooding, but that still doesn't prevent the flooding.

He wants TXDOT to take action now.

"It's been raining and with everything, it's been delayed a little bit," said Juan Sustaita, TXDOT Transportation Engineer.

Sustaita said TXDOT is working on the problem.

He said gutters were placed on the curb when the expansion was made, but apparently, that wasn't enough to prevent the flooding problem to Dargel Boats.

TXDOT promises they will be back to the business Wednesday morning to place a pipe underground to a drain ditch.

Ford said he hopes that will fix the flooding problem.

He said he's also waiting for TXDOT to get the bonding company to call him back, so that he can get help fixing his septic tank and parking lot.

He said the constant flooding has damaged the property, and it'll cost an estimated 16 thousand dollars to fix.