Call 4 Action - Brownsville Apartment Affecting Family's Health

Antonietta Watson-De Leon began her search for a home in January but said she TMs had little luck.

"I went through the bargain book and I checked for other places, Watson-De Leon said. I found a place on Jaime Circle and they wouldn't rent to me because I'm black.

But when De Leon saw the Courtyard Condominiums, she was glad there was one condo available.

"When she moved in somebody had moved out about a week before, so we didn't have time to get it completely ready, said Bremco Property Manager Christina Leal. She was aware of that but she said she really did need somewhere to move in so we thought we were helping her by letting her move in.

De Leon signed a one-year lease on March 1st. She did a walk-through of the apartment and found some things needed work.

Leal said those issues were quickly fixed but De Leon said things soon got worse.

De Leon said the water in the shower wasn't draining, cabinets were falling apart and a stench coming through the air vents was making her and her children sick.

"It smells like mildew, De Leon said. Real bad mildew|and that's caused problems for your children? Coughing, and my daughter she sings and it's affecting her voice.

Leal showed us this work order addressing the problems and says she's aware of the problem - but in a bind.

"We manage just that unit there, each unit has a different owne, Leal said. The upstairs unit is leaking into our unit so my hands are tied there because I can TMt go upstairs and force the owner upstairs to fix the problem"

Leal said she hasn't gotten help from the property owner or the condominium association manager on addressing these issues.

She also said Bremco only recently started managing the property.

"That unit was in poor condition to begin with, so it wasn't us that actually let it get to the condition that it's at right now, Leal said.

But De Leon said that's not her concern and with a $650 dollar rent plus nearly $400 dollars in utilities.

She said she's only gotten the run around and not her money's worth.

"When I have to keep calling you it's like I TMm begging you to come fix something, she said. When I moved into my place it was supposed to be my home. I don TMt feel like it's my home.