Call 4 Action - Brownsville man warns about electronics ~con artist TM

Greg Gaytan admits he got duped.

"It was all a scam, he told Action 4 News

Gaytan says while working at a hotel, he met a guest named Ruben; Ruben told him he worked at Best Buy and could get him deep discounts on merchandise.

So Gaytan went for it.

"It sounded good, said Gaytan, It really sounded really good, and then he called me that night telling me what good deals he got."

Gaytan said he ended up leaving over $1,000 on a speaker inside Best Buy with no merchandise in return and no call back from Ruben.

He says he called the hotel and got Ruben TMs registration information.

"I got his address, said Gaytan, I got his real name."

So Gaytan took that information to Brownsville Police.

He says an investigator put it in the computer and up popped the man TMs mug shot.

"His face popped up, and that was the guy, said Gaytan.

But five months later, Gaytan said he hasn TMt gotten justice, just an answering machine from the Brownsville Police investigator.

Gaytan said he hopes to get his money back but would spend it more wisely this time around.

"I just need it to catch up on some bills and help out my family, said Gaytan, because that's a lot of money, and I work hard for it."

Action 4 News contacted Brownsville Police.

They said the case is being forwarded to the District Attorney TMs office for review.