Call 4 Action - Brownsville pothole costing woman hundreds of dollars

I was wondering if you guys could help me get some of my money back for repairing my tires"

Crystal Ensinia of Brownsville is calling on Action 4 News to help her recover some damages from a multiple tire blow out caused by a pothole.

"I hit a pothole and it popped two of my tires. It cracked one of my rims and made a dent on the other one," said Ensinia.

She TMs referring to a pothole sitting in the middle of one of the lanes on Robindale Road in Brownsville which she could not avoid one night while driving home.

Ensinia's tires fell victim to a hole we measured to be way past 6 inches deep.

Ensinia's issue with that pothole then triggered even more problems with her car out on Robindale that she's having to pay for.

"I came back at 7 o TMclock in the morning and my car was no longer here."

Ensinia's car had been towed just minutes before she arrived to replace the tire.

Brownsville police told her they had called the towing company because the car was posing a danger to other drivers on Robindale.

"I couldn't push it further toward the ditch because my car was running on rims already, but it was not in the road."

So now, in addition to the repairs to her tires and rims, Ensinia had to pay nearly $180 to the towing company to get her car back leaving Ensinia $300 in the hole.

Money she couldn't afford to just throw away.

"I had to use part of my rent money to pay. I blame the City of Brownsville," said Ensinia.

Action 4 News contacted the City of Brownsville Public Works Department and they say Ensinia can file a claim with them to try to recover some of the money she's paid out because of the pothole.

The towing company says people who leave their cars on the side of the road usually have 24 hours to move it before it's towed, but since her car was left near a busy road where 18 wheelers travel, police couldn't take any chances.

As for the pothole, it should get patched up Wednesday morning.