Call 4 Action - Concern over school bus stop location in Edinburg

With continued temperatures in the upper 90's, some school parents are concerned about their children's safety.

Many are forced to walk more than a block in the heat to the bus stop, and parents wait in the sweltering heat to pick them up at the stop after school.

After receiving an email from a concerned parent, Action 4 News went to the scene to see just how bad it gets.

We talked to one man who said he's tired of sweating bullets each day waiting for his nephew to arrive in the bus.

Jeremy Canales said to avoid waiting in the hot sun; he sits in his truck until the bus gets to the bus stop with his nephew.

"Cause right now, it's real hot. As you can tell, I'm sweating," said Canales. "It takes up a little bit of my time to come here and wait for him."

Canales picks up his nephew from the school bus stop in Edinburg on the corner of Kimberly Lane and McColl Rd.

Canales does this favor for his sister who works during the day.

"It would be a lot easier if the bus could just come in and drop off my nephew in front of the house," said Canales.

That's something that Edinburg CISD said they can't do at the moment.

"It's a narrow road that leads into a series of apartment complexes and has a cul-de-sac at the end, and it would almost be impossible to turn all the way around," said the district's public information officer Gilbert Tagle.

Tagle said because the road is narrow, it would be unsafe for the bus to attempt the turn, but now that the transportation director is aware that some parents are concerned about this bus stop location, he said they will study the situation to see what can be done.

"But for the moment until further notice, they'll have to continue to walk to the edge there," said Tagle.

Tagle said the district's number one concern is student safety, and until they can find an alternative route that wouldn't put their safety at risk, students and parents alike will have to endure the heat and inconvenience of walking the distance to the bus stop.

Tagle said 15 to 16 thousand kids ride buses daily in the district, and the district takes parent's concerns seriously.

They encourage parents with concerns to contact the superintendent's office, so that they can address the issue.

The district's phone number is: (956) 289-2300.