Call 4 Action - Domestic Violence Survivor Needs Home

Luis Alberto Limon Mugshot

The scars on Blanca Limon's body are the painful reminder of a marriage gone wrong.

She said she escaped death at the hands of her husband Luis Alberto Limon after he stabbed her multiple times throughout her body.

Blanca said after she had enough of him spending their money on drugs and mistreating her and their children, she decided to leave him for good.

However, she said, he preferred to see her dead than giving her a divorce.

Blanca survived and her former husband is now behind bars.

Jail records show Luis Alberto is behind bars under and immigration detainer and $100,000 dollars in bonds for burglary and aggravated assault charges.

But the story doesn't end there.

With five children and a baby on the way, Blanca said she's struggling to find a home.

After her stay at the Friendship of Women in Brownsville expired, she was given a voucher worth $1,800, to find a place to live for three months.

Limon said no one will accept it, because landlords have told her it takes to long for them to get their money.

Workers at the Friendship of Women said many times landlords are not well informed about the victim TMs program, and that's why they turn victims away.

I want to find a safe home for my children, Limon said. Then I want to find a job -cooking, cleaning - it doesn TMt matter. I want to work to provide my children with an education, and the better life we came looking for."

Limon is asking for help, but she's also offering some advice.

Don TMt become a victim of violence, Limon said. I know it's hard to leave, but the best option is always to end an abusive relationship."

If you would like to help Limon find a home, please e-mail, or send a message to