Call 4 Action - Drainage ditch causing flooding

Larry Sutton is preparing for what may come in a few months here on Share 28 off FM 2480.

"Hurricane season is coming up and we'd like to get this cleaned out so we don't get flooded out," said Sutton.

It actually doesn't even take hurricane rains to flood the Sutton Ranch.

A few inches fall and they're knee deep in water, why?

"No one's ever been out to clean the ditches," said Sutton.

Don't believe him? The proof is right off the side of Share 28 Road.

If you drove past it, you wouldn't know there is a drainage ditch there about 8 feet deep, hidden beneath trees and overgrown grass.

So when it rains, Larry says, the water has nowhere to go, but into his ranch.

Not only is the water flooding the property, it's becoming a threat to his livestock.

"The water just starts flooding into our pastures and then my animals are stuck in the water, my neighbors animals are stuck in the water. We have pigs in the area, horses, there's a lot of horses in the area," said Sutton.

Larry and his wife have attempted to get Cameron County involved in the clean up, but they haven't seen anyone coming around to check on the messy drainage ditch and fear that if something isn't done soon, they and their animals will be facing days in the water if a hurricane heads this way in 2011.

That's why he called on Action 4 News for help.

"Hopefully you can get something done before hurricane season comes, that way we won't have that problem this year again," said Sutton.

Action 4 News put a call into Cameron County administrators who are looking into the matter.

They said they will be contacting us soon with a possible solution for Sutton.