Call 4 Action - Edcouch-Elsa girl attacked in school, caught on cell phone

A Rio Grande Valley mom is outraged after she says her daughter was allegedly brutally attacked at school.

The alleged incident was caught on a cell phone camera on the grounds of Edcouch-Elsa High School.

Virginia Garcia tells Action 4 News it's painful to watch the video of her 16-year-old daughter on YouTube.

Garcia's daughter was allegedly attacked by another teen.

"She had a big blow to her head, she was thrown against the cement wall outside, and the girl punched her pretty good on her head", said Garcia.

The alleged attack happened earlier this month.

Garcia goes onto say, "At the doctors office we were told that with a couple of more blows like that the head it would have ruptured her head open".

Garcia also tells Action 4 News she is upset with the Edcouch-Elsa Independent School District.

"I spoke to the superintendent i just felt like if i got the run around", said Garcia.

This mom says both her daughter and her alleged attacker were both suspended from school for several days and issued citations.

"They told me those are the rules", said Garcia.

Garcia's daughter did go back to campus after the suspension, but this mom says she received even more threats so she had no choice but to enroll daughter in another school district.

Garcia says she should not have had to do that. "I feel like she belongs in this district, you know we all graduated there so why shouldn't she", said Garcia.

Garcia hopes the state of Texas will pass Anti-bullying legislation.

Action 4 News did contact Edcouch Elsa High School and a staff member refereed us to the Superintendents office.

We contacted the Superintendents office and sent an e-mail and at this time we have yet to receive a response.