Call 4 Action - Edinburg Stadium Bathrooms a 'Health Risk'

Kathy Lang said she will not return to Edinburg Baseball Stadium for the Roadrunners first home playoff game of the season. She showed Action 4 News why on a trek to the stadium TMs women's restroom.

Look at this... look how nasty that is," she said.

Lang said they still had not been cleaned since her unsightly visit during this past Saturday's game.

She pointed to backed up toilets, urine-stained seats, spider webs and dust.

This isn't the first time she's raised concerns about the stadium's facilities either.

Two years ago, she said they looked the same filthy way.

"Would you change your baby on this changing table?" she asked. "There's bugs... there's spider webs."

She complained back then to the city.

Lang called the results clearly "short-lived."

This past Saturday was the straw that broke Kathy's back.

"I couldn't sit on them (toilet seats) So I squatted... But it was just horrible," Land said.

Doug Leary, General Manager for the Roadrunners, admits his outsourced cleaning crew may have missed the mark over the weekend.

But Leary added how the City of Edinburg was responsible too.

He said complaints were raised in the past for old and broken toilets, bad plumbing, broken concrete and stadium seats.

He also said the overall bathroom building design, only adds to the frustration, because it's open and vulnerable to the outdoor elements.

A prepared statement from Edinburg's City Manager, Ramiro Garza, Jr., indicated how corrective measures will be taken. It reads: "Ryan, as per contract, the leasing entity is in charge of maintaining the cleanliness of the restrooms at the Edinburg Baseball Stadium. Any needed plumbing work is taken care of by the City. It is our practice to rectify any problems as soon as they become known to us. The City of Edinburg appreciates you informing us as sanitation and cleanliness are very important to us so we will follow up on this immediately. Lang just wants the problem taken care of once and for all. "With Action 4 here... hopefully it will get them to straighten up and do what needs to be done," she said. Leary promised the cleanliness of the restrooms will be up to par by Wednesday's game. The City of Edinburg plans to get its maintenance on the bad plumbing issue as soon as possible.