Call 4 Action - Elderly woman gets $2,000 dollars in phone bills

Elizabeth Burns takes a no-frills approach to her home telephone service that she's had since 1979.

The 71-year-old San Benito woman doesn't have internet connection or voice mail service.

She doesn't even have call waiting.

So, Elizabeth and her son Homer Burns noticed right away when a series of unexpected charges started popping up on their AT&T bill.

"AT&T keeps sending my mom all kinds of bills for people up in the Corpus Victoria area for AT&T wireless. We don't even have a cell phone. we don't even have a computer, said Homer.

There was nothing about any of those numbers that sounded familiar to the Burns.

Homer says his mother has been paying the same amount for the past 30 years.

"She TMs been paying $40 to $50 dollars and now they are trying to nail us anything from $200 to $500 dollars, claims Homer.

Then, they went to work disputing the charge, which they say was no small chore

"Finally after three hours they said they finally had it figured out. But then the next month it just kept happening over and over again, said Burns.

We contacted AT&T about the charges placed on the Burn's bill.

AT&T Spokesman Dale Ingram assured me the Burn's will be credited for all charges that were mistakenly added to her account.

The additional lines will be removed and that AT&T will follow-up with her to ensure all issues have been resolved.

The Burn's are hopeful that they won't see any extra charges in the coming bills as a result of that discussion.