Call 4 Action - Elsa police explain decision to delay stabbing arrests

Stabbed in the head and back, Joey Palomin barely survives.

His sister Cynthia Gaytan said he's unconscious at a Harlingen hospital.

Doctors were telling us that he was not going to make it| to start preparing for the worst, said Gaytan.

The 28-year-old was stabbed a week ago in Elsa.

The stabbing suspects are on the loose despite evidence police have against them.

I don TMt understand, said Gaytan. They TMre not doing their job.

After Action 4 News got involved, lead investigator and Assistant Police Chief Armando Rivas said he would immediately work on arrest warrants for two suspects.

Rivas refused to go on camera.

We asked Rivas why he did not pursue their arrests before we brought him the family TMs concerns.

He said the Hidalgo County District Attorney recommended he wait a few days to see if the victim died.

That way he could charge the suspects with murder.

Rivas admitted public safety is at stake with those who stabbed Palomin on the run.

Rivas said Palomin's mom was ok with police waiting to issue warrants.

Later Friday police gave Action 4 News mug shots of the stabbing suspects.

Police said arrest warrants are now out for brothers Francisco and Steven Acosta in Palomin TMs stabbing.

Gaytan fears police won't follow through and make the arrests.

They TMre always trying to give us the runaround, said Gaytan.

Elsa Police said they are actively searching for the stabbing suspects.

If you know where Francisco or Steven Acosta may be, call Elsa Police at 262-4721.