Call 4 Action - Family gets donations from Action 4 News viewers

Last week, a family in Brownsville made a Call 4 Action after losing their home and everything inside including clothes, food and even cash the family had been saving to pay off their mobile home on Coach Circle.

Juana Briones is thankful that 4 of her kids were outside when the fire started in one of the rooms, but Juana still recovering from giving birth one month ago, was in the living room with the baby in her arms and had to make a dash to safety.

Her family intact, Juana and her husband are now trying to get back on their feet and after their story aired on Action 4 News, viewers sprung in to help.

We have food to eat and clothes to wear, said Juana.

Strangers who saw their story came forward with boxes full of clothes which were dropped off at our studios in Harlingen.

We took those donations including baby bottles, clothes, shoes, apparel for the other children and toys to the family who was tickled at the sight of even a pacifier for the baby girl.

They do have a roof over their heads for now, but the family member they are staying with says there is no air condition in the house and the kids are crammed into one bedroom.

The kids manage by sitting on the front porch during the hottest parts of the day and seem to be oblivious to the fact that their home and everything in it is now ashes.

What they do know is that people they have never met cared enough to send them books, a backpack, a pink fluffy pillow, all little things 8 year old Blanca considers gifts.

"It's like a dream. Thank you to the community for the help," said Blanca.