Call 4 Action - Fleas Creating Neighborhood Problem

Brownsville resident Ben Benavidez said he lives across the street from a flea-infested property.

He said he's tried reaching out to his neighbor pleading with her to do something about the infestation, but so far he's not been successful.

He said now the neighborhood calls the woman TMs dog Guitar.

Every time you see (the dog) he's always going like this (scratching) - he's always trying to get the fleas off his side," Benavidez said.

He said he and his family are not safe anywhere outside, because they are sure to be attacked by fleas in just a few seconds.

This is the problem has been going on for several weeks, Benavidez said.

"As you can see I TMve spent like $180 throwing medicine all over the place and the fleas will not stop from that house, Benavidez said. She's got a dog she's never taken him a bath we've approached her and she says she's we're crazy."

Benavidez said he's called Brownsville Animal control for a solution, but hasn't gotten much help from them either.

It's bad, it's real bad, he said about the infestation.

He first noticed the problem when the family was spending quality time outside.

Me, my granddaughters - everyone had fleas on their socks, their shoes, their face - everything, Benavidez said. I thought it was just around here so I bought medicine - no good - then we started walking toward the street and they just started attacking us."

Experts at Esparza Pest Control said if the problem is as bad as it seems, the infestation has likely been going on for months. Fleas are attracted to vibration and blood and common hosts are dogs, cats, possums and rats.

An infestation of fleas can kill a pet and can cause diseases to humans like typhus.

Benavidez said he just wants someone to do something about the issue. In the many years he's lived at his home, he's never had this kind of problem.

"My concern is for my grandkids, Benavidez said. I don't know if (fleas can) infect anybody, but my grandkids come outside and they have fleas all over their faces."

Esparza said they've had an unusually high number of calls concerning flea infestation. The warm winter did not help kill-off flea eggs.

They said some tips to remember are keep your grass trimmed, wear repellant spray, take your pets to the veterinarian if you suspect fleas.

In the worst-case scenario, call a professional because fleas can live up to three months if not killed.