Call 4 Action - Harlingen resident out of her deposit

      A lost deposit for a home is a tenant TMs worst nightmare.

      Teresa Esparza is a single mother of two who recently moved to the Valley from South Carolina.

      She is a single mother of two and currently isn TMt employed.

      Before moving down here, Esparza was able to find a home in Harlingen, but wasn TMt able to move in.

      She tells Action 4 News that in her contract, it states her landlord is supposed to provide her a stove.

      But didn TMt, so she decided to find another place to live.

      She asked for her deposit back and could not get a response from her landlord.

      Esparza says she called several times and left a message but never got an answer.

      We tried to contact her landlord, Arturo Benavides, but he was out of town.

      He did a phone interview with us and says he never promised her a stove.

      He states she broke her contract, when you break a contract you forfeit your deposit

      We tried to contact the Housing Authority for comment, but they never responded back to our calls.