Call 4 Action - Is Harlingen Pool Safe?

Two near-drownings this weekend have some Harlingen residents wondering if Pendleton Pool is really safe during these hot summer days.

Many hit local swimming pools hoping to cool off but this Saturday a couple of swimmers at Pendleton Park in Harlingen almost drowned.

Harlingen's Assistant City Manager Gabriel Gonzalez confirmed the incident.

There were two near-drownings at the pool," Gonzalez said. "Our lifeguards responded the danger. They rescued the 6-year-old and a 42-year-old woman."

Gonzalez said lifeguards first noticed the 6-year-old girl gasping for air and just 10 seconds later they noticed a second woman in distress.

"One noticed the older lady was not moving so he jumped in after her and administered CPR," Gonzalez said. "He brought her back."

The 42-year old was taken to a hospital for observation but has since been released and is recovering at home.

"I spoke to friends of the family and they said she was still fine," Gonzalez said. "The 6-year-old wasn TMt taken into the hospital. She was fine."

Even though they survived, some worry the young lifeguards on duty may not be enough to ensure safety at the pools.

Action 4 News has received several concerns regarding the lifeguards inexperience and lack of adult supervision.

Gonzales maintains while many are still in their teens they are all fully qualified.

Our Hammer Head team has taken first place in the Valley four out the last five years because were trained well," Gonzalez said. "So age really has no issue and no bearing our life guards know what they are doing there being trained to do what they do."

He adds the best example is the two swimmers who made it out alive.

"The lifeguards did their job," Gonzalez said. "They did what they were trained to do and so everybody walked away okay.

Now city leaders urge the public that if they see any wrongdoing at the pool, please call City Hall and report it at (956) 216-5002.