Call 4 Action - Man claims trainer scammed him

Edward Brooks said he's always struggled with his weight, and once he decided to try something new to get in shape, he said he was left high and dry.

"I just said no hombre, that's enough I need to get a trainer and get back in shape," said Brooks.

Brooks said he called a personal trainer that he saw advertised on craigslist.

"I needed a little motivation because if I do something and somebody is there pushing and pushing me, I TMm the type of person that would stick with it," he said.

So brooks met up with the personal trainer he found on Craigslist and paid 250 dollars for 12 training sessions.

"And it didn't work out the way I planned," said Brooks.

He said the training started out fine but after 6 training sessions in October, his personal trainer said he had to leave the state.

"I mean why make a commitment to somebody if you're just going to bail?"

Brooks said the trainer told him someone else would take over for the remaining sessions, but brooks said after a workout with that person, "he hit me up for some money. He asked me how I was going to pay him."

Brooks said more money wasn't part of the deal, so he tried contacting the original trainer.

"He would never answer my calls. Finally he texted me saying he would take care of me. That it was a misunderstanding," said Brooks.

But that was in October and Brooks said the misunderstanding still hasn't been cleared.

"I just want my money back," he said.

So he called to Action 4 News for some results.

He said he doesn't appreciate the trainer's disappearing act and wants him to call him back and take care of business.

He also offers this advice to others looking to get fit for their New Year's resolution: "Be better aware and do your research because if they're just going to bail on you like this...It TMs not cool."

Action 4 News got in contact with the trainer in question over the phone.

He said this whole this is a misunderstanding, and if Brooks wants his money back, he can go to the gym and collect it.