Call 4 Action - Man hopes company will let him keep electric wheelchair

In this Call 4 Action, a man is holding on tight to his electric wheelchair, but he claims the company plans to take it away from him because his paperwork is incorrect.Richard Lambert relies on his electric wheelchair to get around."This is all I've got, he said. It's really hard trying to figure out how you're going to go the bathroom let alone go check your mail or anything else," said Lambert.Lambert said he fell earlier this year and broke his hip.

"I was walking into a restaurant, and my leg gave out," he said.

He tells us the broken hip is recovering well but bulging disks in his back keep him from walking.

"With the pain in my back, I just can't stand it," said Lambert.

He said at first he was in a manual wheelchair, but the Hoveround caught his eye.

I saw the commercial on TV for Hoveround: 'if you've fallen within the last year, and you're having a hard time getting around|' which I am, so I called them thinking this is going to make it a whole lot easier," he said.

Lambert said he was delighted when the Hoveround was delivered but a month and a half later he got a call.

"They sent my doctor paperwork filled it out, got my wheelchair, and now they say the paperwork was filled out wrong," he said.

According to Lambert, the company wants the chair back.

" TMWell, you're going to leave me without a wheelchair? TM 'That TMs not our problem,' and that was their exact words. 'That TMs not our problem,'" he said.

Lambert claims the company first told him they just didn't get the doctor's forms in time to Medicaid, and then told him the forms weren't filled out correctly

She filled out the paperwork 4 times and turned it into them 4 times, and they still find fault with the paperwork," said Lambert.

He said he just hopes the company will work with him, so he can keep the chair that has made his life a lot easier| "I'm hoping that they'll give me some leniency, and help me try to keep this chair instead of trying to yank it out from under me," said Lambert.

Action 4 News has contacted the company to see if there is anything that can be done.We will let you know once we get a response.