Call 4 Action - McAllen ISD extending times for crossing guards

For a second day Action 4 News cameras followed Dell Parker and his daughter Evallyn as they made the hot, humid, and often difficult mile-long trek from their home to Wilson Elementary.

"My main priority is my daughter, he said. I want her to be safe and to go to school without us worrying about her."

Since the story first aired Tuesday, Dell said little has changed.

There were no crossing guards on Wednesday morning to help them cross heavy traffic on North 10th Street, or on the way back home.

"I don TMt want to be treated special, I just want to be treated right," Dell added.

The McAllen Independent School District said currently the crossing guards are out on the streets 15 minutes before school starts, and 15 minutes after.

Starting Thursday morning, a district spokesperson said, the crossing guards will be out there for half an hour before and after.

"If the district could pick her up, I could gladly meet the school bus anywhere along the block," Dell said.

But McAllen ISD made it clear that would be against state policy.

They suggested that he apply for Para Transit Service, onboard the city bus, to help him and his daughter get to school.

Dell said he is not satisfied with that option because he and his daughter will still be at the mercy of the elements, as they wait for a bus.

The district on the other hand also suggested that she walk to school with older kids from the neighborhood.

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