Call 4 Action - McAllen woman claims landlord is withholding deposit

Behind the jungle of grass located just off North 29th Street in McAllen sits a camper.Kimberly Gonzalez said it wasn TMt much, something she needed at the time."This was actually closer to school so it TMs perfect," Gonzalez said.Kimberly said after looking at the property it didn't look like it had major damage.So she decided to lease it.Kimberly and her husband paid a $400 deposit.The monthly rent to live in the camper $525 a month.The bliss didn't last long.Kimberly said when she was making dinner for her husband one night, her foot actually went through the floor."I called them told them this is wrong. I almost fallen| the tub is going down, I told them everything I kept them updated and they wouldn TMt answer my calls," Gonzalez said.Kimberly had only been living in the camper for 2 months. Eventually gave her 30 day written notice letting the landlords know she wanted out.We contacted Linda Escalante and her husband who own the property and say they are willing to give Kimberly her deposit back.Kimberly said the entire situation has now caused her to have health issues."I just want my money so we can move," Gonzalez said.Escalante told Action 4 News they live paycheck to paycheck and have no problem giving Kimberly back her deposit.Stating she would have to wait until the 1st of the month.Kimberly said she regrets that it had to came down to this, all she was hoping for is that they would fix the rundown property.