Call 4 Action - Mercedes cemetery grounds considered 'disgraceful'

Rudy Garza fears his late grandfather is likely turning over in his grave.

"This is very disrespectful to the dead," Garza said. "Especially when you have buried soldiers who have died for their country."

Broken monuments, debris, trash, little grass and ant piles so high they dwarf headstones are just some of his concerns at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Cemetery off the expressway in Mercedes.

"I think it would be very hard for people who haven't been here for years to look for their family that passed away because it's out of order," he said.

Garza wonders why a cemetery rich with history would be neglected.

"The filth... No cleaning... No treeing of the trees, no irrigation," he said.

Because there's no access to water, Garza said the plots are taking a beating on the dried out land.

"There's some graves where you don't know where the graves begin and where it ends."

He wants the cemetery cleaned up for his late grandfather, Gilberto Galvan, and for everyone else buried on the property.

Edwina Trevino is a volunteer and the treasurer for a group that oversees the cemetery.

She said the property is maintained by a groundskeeper who is paid through donations.

Plot owners are asked to make a yearly donation of $25.00 to help with upkeep, according to Trevino.

That money is in addition to a one-time right to bury fee that ranges from $250 to $350.

She said almost no donations come in making it difficult to beautify the grounds.

A spokesperson for the diocese of Brownsville said a priest will meet with the cemetery volunteers and the community to make some changes.