Call 4 Action - Military spouse given job back

The wife of an Army sergeant, who is serving a tour of duty in Iraq, won't have to choose between seeing her husband and working at a bank any longer.

Cynthia Mendez was offered her banker position back at the Wells Fargo branch off Dixieland Road in Harlingen on Friday.

The resolution came after she contacted Action 4 News.

Mendez said she was forced to resign from the bank because her boss wouldn't grant her unpaid time off to see her husband, Sgt. Eulalio Mendez, who returns home this month for two weeks of R & R.

He's been oversees for nearly a year.

A spokesperson for the bank in question said Wells Fargo has a deep appreciation for people in the military and their families.

It's unclear why the bank would not originally permit Mendez to have the time off.

Mendez did not have enough hours with the company to receive paid time off.

Sgt. Mendez is expected home later this month.