Call 4 Action - Milky water from Primera man TMs faucet

Frankie McFly posted a video to our Action 4 Facebook page.

It shows bright white and smoky water that he said came out of his Primera home TMs faucet March 16.

In a Facebook post he said he didn TMt want anybody to get sick.

There really is no danger to the citizens," said Javier Mendez, Primera City Manager.

Mendez said a road project in Primera calls for a new water line.

He said the line is getting moved, and water is getting flushed through it.

Mendez said the water mixes with air, and that's what makes the water cloudy.

Mendez said the water is safe to drink.

"As far as I know, there's no problem with it, said Mendez.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality backs Mendez up.

They released the following statement to Action 4 News:

"The TCEQ contacted the City of Primera regarding a call received complaining of water with a milky appearance that bubbled. The City Administrator explained that a water line had been shut down, moved and flushed. The aesthetic issue noted by the caller is consistent with the city's explanation and should resolve quickly. There is no reason to be concerned about the safety of the water." Andrea Morrow, TCEQ Media Relations.

Anyone concerned about their water in Primera can call the city at 956-423-9654.

Mendez said someone with the city will come out to your house to test your water

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