Call 4 Action - Mold In Orange Juice

A local mom who wants to remain anonymous tells Action 4 News she is concerned about a carton of orange juice her son received at McAllen High School. This mom says the small orange juice carton was full of mold and was weeks old. The juice had a use by expiration date of 9-28-2010, however the juice was served to her son on 10-18-2010. "When we opened it we noticed that there was mold on all of the corners of the carton", she said. "That to me is just negligent I cannot believe they didn't check these items before they put them out for the kids."

This mom tells Action 4 News she wants this to be an eye opener for all school districts to be more careful about what they serve students. "I can't imagine if he would have drank it and gotten sick to his stomach", she said. "And there I am having to take him to the doctor because the school isn't doing what they should be doing to protect our kids."

The McAllen school district did issue a response. "We do have protocols in place for this situation", said Mark May, a spokesman for McAllen ISD. "We ask students that if product smells or tastes funny to bring it back for replacement. Our food service manager will check to make sure the problem is not more widespread. Furthermore, we contact the vendor to inform them of the problem.", said May.

The McAllen School District serves more than 36,000 meals daily and more than six million per year.