Call 4 Action - Mother waits for son's pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

For one mom she wants her son's pictures.

Melissa Ruiz says photos of her son were taken awhile back by an out of town photographer who came soliciting at her son's daycare.

But months later Ruiz still has no pictures.

"I just want my pictures", said Ruiz.

Ruiz wrote out a check for $80 dollars back in October to a company called Picture This.

"The prints were beautiful ", said Ruiz. I paid 80 dollars to get several pages of prints and he said it would be about two to three weeks.

We have yet to receive them, its two months later", Ruiz tells Action 4 News.

Ruiz has tried calling the person who took the pictures numerous times with no success.

So a short while later Ruiz says she started sending text messages.

"For him to try and come and take advantage of us, it's not right", said Ruiz.

Action 4 News also tried tracking down the person responsible for delivering the pictures to Melissa Ruiz.

We called several times, but only received a message saying the mail box had not been set up."

As for Ruiz she says she'll continue waiting, hoping her son's photos will be delivered.