Call 4 Action - Mothers fight for their special needs kids

A group of mothers are standing up against what they're calling an injustice.

They said their special needs kids were promised a field trip to a park in San Antonio specifically built for kids with special needs, but they said that promise was broken.

Rosa Gonzalez's 16-year-old girl Samantha faces challenges with every day life.

"She was born with Cerebral Palsy...she has a mental handicap, gets convulsions, has scoliosis and has dislocated hips," said Gonzalez.

She doesn't speak and can't walk.

Gonzalez's only wish was for Samantha to see Morgan's Wonderland a park built for people with disabilities.

"Any happiness you can give to these kids is a big accomplishment," she said.

"It's a big accomplishment to see these kids smile."

Games at the park in San Antonio stimulate the senses and provide handicap accessible rides.

"A little boy in a wheelchair...they don't have to take the boy out of the wheelchair. They can put the wheelchair inside the swing and let him swing and let him feel that sensation," said Maribel Marroqin who also has a child with disabilities.

These groups of women meet on a regular basis to support each other through trying times.

"That's where we wanted to take them," said Marroqin.

Their children go to special needs classes at Rio Grande City CISD, and they asked administration to take their kids on a field trip to Morgan's Wonderland.

At first they said the director of the special needs department said yes but shortly after said no.

"Who do you think has more right to go on a field trip? Kids that go to regular classes who go to class to learn and then have their vacation to relax from school, or our special needs kids that don't get a vacation-and are constantly dealing with their disabilities?" said Gonzalez.

They said the door is constantly closed on their special needs kids, but they will continue to fight for them and be their voice for years to come.

These mothers said they just want their special needs children to be treated like those who are so called normal.

Action 4 News contacted the director of the special needs department at Rio Grande City CISD.

He tells us he understands that parents of special needs kids want their children treated like all the other kids, but because of their special needs, it would be difficult to take them on a long trip because most of these children wouldn't be able to sit for more than three hours.

But these mothers aren't happy with the outcome.

The director of the special needs department said the district is looking out for the best interest of the students, and they are open to any other field trip suggestions that would not put them in peril.

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