Call 4 Action - Neighbor concerned over tire dump

The tires pile up next to Gene Taylor TMs property in La Feria, drawing concerns that if they go up in flames so will his home.

But that is not the only problem stemming from a growing tire dump.

"My biggest concern is snakes and mosquitoes and rats," Taylor said. "If there's any dampness at all, mosquitoes cover you up completely on the yard in 15 minutes."

They all make their home on the lot next to Solis Road in La Feria, where hundreds, if not thousands, of tires have piled up for the past five years.

Taylor owns the land behind the tire dump, but it is hidden behind the tires, which tower over his fence, and even blocking his entrance.

"I would like to see them all cleaned up, he said. I'd like to see all the tires out of here."

Cameron County Emergency Manager Humberto Barrera said tire dumps are out of his control.

"That's something that TCEQ [Texas Commission on Environmental Quality] and the individual have to talk about, he said, adding that it is possible for some homeowners to apply for a permit to store tires.

Nonetheless, having them on the property is always dangerous, Barrera said.

When one tire catches fire, they all catch fire, and it TMs extremely hard to put out a tire fire," he concluded.

Taylor wants something done before it reaches that point.

He urges the property owner to clean the tires up, before authorities force him to.

Action 4 News is working on tracking down the owner of the property.

It remains unclear if the owner does have a permit to keep those tires on his lot.

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