Call 4 Action - Neighbors pass blame in La Feria stink

Home video shows water puddles on a business property in La Feria.

Neighbors said it's from a broken irrigation pipe and collected under their mobile homes in Lariat Mobile Home & RV Park.

Stench makes up most of the neighbor's complaints minus Minerva Juarez.

She said the water made the ground under her home unsteady.

Minerva compared it to walking on a sponge.

She and her neighbors told Action 4 News construction at the next door property caused the pipe to burst weeks ago.

They said construction debris is blocking their own drainage from heading south.

But the property owner told a different story.

He spoke to Action 4 News by phone.

He said the pipe broke because it's old.

He said he's only putting building material on his side of the property.

He claimed the area in question is actually mobile home park property.

He said it's the mobile home park's job to clean it out.

Finally, he blames the awful smell on Minerva's pig.

Neighbors like Minerva said their stuck in the middle.

Minerva said she just wants a solution before mold makes a home, before her home sinks any farther into the ground.

The irrigation pipe has since been closed.

The mobile home park owner said he hopes Cameron County can figure out who's responsible for drainage problems.

Commissioner Dan Sanchez said he's aware and is looking into what can be done.