Call 4 Action - Out of control yard in Brownsville

A Brownsville family issued a Call 4 Action after an abandoned lot started growing out of control.

"We're being neglected, said Linda Esparza.

The Esparza family home is on Monte Bello Circle just outside Brownsville city limits.

"The owners used to come twice a year, right before Fourth of July and before New Year's, she told Action 4 News. Then last year, I had to contact County Judge Carlos Cascos and they came did half the lot and they were gone."

Property owners are in charge of maintaining the lots, but far too often getting a hold of them is nearly impossible.

That's why Esparza is turning to Action 4 News to get some help.

"We have rats, ticks, coral snakes|fleas, she said.

On top of that, the amount of mosquitoes the overgrown grass attracts keeps Linda and her family indoors most of the day.

Linda's not the only one dealing with a dilapidated property next door to her home.

In fact, Action 4 News drove around the neighborhood and found 10 other properties with grass growing out into the road and a stop sign completely covered by overgrown brush.

"You can't see the stop sign, you can't see the street sign, Esparza said. You have to drive out to see if there's a car coming or if there's a child. It's really dangerous."

Next to every few homes, there's an empty lot and the majority of the ones on Monte Bello Circle are in desperate need of maintenance.

Just as desperate as Esparza, is to enjoy time outside her home after four years of living trapped because of someone else's neglect.

"Tired, all my neighbors are tired, she said.

Action 4 News took the issue straight to Cameron County Commissioner Sofia Benavides who immediately got the health department involved and sent out crews to survey Monte Bello Circle.

We've been assured the owners of each of those properties will be contacted and if they don't clear out the lots, they will be fined.