Call 4 Action - Owner Claims Pit Bull Puppies Stolen

Pit bull puppies can bring big bucks to some Rio Grane Valley breeders.

It's how Juan de la Garza of Mission supplements his income.

A thief could be cashing in on his profits though.

De la Garza believes two of his pit bull pups were stolen last week. I'm real worried, said de la Garza.

After advertising the pups on the internet, de la Garza said a group of teens came to see them.

That same night they went missing.

"I'm not sure if it's them or not but nobody has been by my house in a long time, said de la Garza.

One other pup is also gone from de la Garza TMs home.

De la Garza said he had just bought a future stud pit bull from out of state.

He was taken too.

De la Garza said each pit bull can be worth $1,500.

With three now missing, he stands to lose thousands.

But lost money is just one worry.

De la Garza also fears for his dogs' health.

"I know wherever they're at, they're not being taken care of the way I would, said de la Garza.

De la Garza filed a report with the Mission Police Department.

In the meantime, he's offering a reward for the safe return of the pit bull puppies.

To contact de la Garza with information regarding the puppies TM whereabouts, call 956-827-2754 or email him at