Call 4 Action - Permit problems for San Benito man's home

Fidel Alcazar called for action after he spent the summer battling county and city leaders over an electricity hookup problem at his mobile home.

Alcazar said he TMs felt powerless over the permit process.

"It's hard for me... My wife... My kids."

His paper trail troubles dated back to June.

Alcazar said he spent weeks working with the county to try to get his mobile home hooked up with electricity on a lot at 30636 Alex Trevino Road in San Benito.

"I do step by step... I do everything the guys want," he explained.

Alcazar said he forked over thousands of dollars while waiting for the permit.

The list of charges included rent on the lot, debris removal, septic services and mobile home moving fees.

His family has been waiting to move in, but the county recently said it does not have jurisdiction.

"He tells me you need to start anew," Alcazar said.

A frustrated Alcazar was forced to stat over in the permit process with the City of San Benito.

The city reportedly responded in a similar fashion.

"'You're not in the city, you're in the county.'"

Stuck in the middle, Alcazar turned to Action 4 News for help.

Turns out, the lot is in the City of San Benito.

But a city leader said, Alcazar, would likely not be issued the necessary permit because of other issues standing in the way.

City rules only permit one structure on a lot.

The lot in question already has two structures one it, according to a city official.

Mobile homes must also be placed in subdivision or park dedicated for mobile homes.

The lot Alcazar uses is not designated for mobile homes, according to the city official.

Alcazar said he was never made aware of any issues and thought the lot was on county property.

He continues to live in a different home.