Call 4 Action - Refrigerator Rip Off

Rudy Barrera bought a stainless steel refrigerator for his wife as a Christmas present. He said he got a great price on the appliance because of little ding on the door.

He told me he would let me have it for $799, said Barrera. I also took a stove and microwave"I bought a few things from Willie.

But, as Barrera soon found out, the refrigerator had other problems. It did not cool.

I got someone to check the refrigerator and they said it wasn TMt good, said Barrera.

He said he went to Willie TMs Appliance and Furniture off of South 23rd and told them about the problem.

Barrera said the general manager told him they would look into it.

A week later, after no phone call, Barreratook another trip to Willie TMs.

What he found was a chain on the gate and sign that said, ~Will be closed the week of Christmas. TM

I want to know where is Willie? It TMs not a joke when it happens to you, said Barrera.

Barrera isn TMt the only alleged victim of this Appliance and Furniture store. Dolores Salinas with the Better Business Bureau said they have had numerous complaints on the store.

Salinas said all people have to is go to the BBB website. She said, there, they will find that Willie TMs Appliance and Furniture store has an ~F TM rating.

She said they have 14 complaints against them, they failed to respond to seven of them, and BBB does not have sufficient background information on the store.

They need to go the police and file a complaint, said Salinas. Maybe the police, based on the number of complaints, can do more. We can TMt get involved other than give information.

Salinas said if these alleged victims would have just looked at the BBB website they could have saved them time and money.