Call 4 Action - Scam leaves a family's home off balanced in Sebastian

It was a little over a year ago, when Ramiro Perez and his family decided to carry out his mother's dying wish, to fix up her home.

It was old and the foundation was cracking, so the family said they paid Gutierrez House Leveling Company out of Raymondville more than $3,000 to get the job done.

Months after the work was completed, they said problems still existed.

"House started shifting, the floor started unbolting from the floor boards, all the siding on the floors starting showing gaps where we can see sun light coming through, the electric bill starting to rise due to heat coming into the house" said Ramiro Perez.

After calling Mr. Gutierrez for six month, the Perez family said they were promised the company would return to fix the issue at no cost.

"I TMve contacted him again about two months later, he told me he was too busy to contact him in three weeks, I contacted him in three weeks, he told me to contact him in two weeks, I contacted him in two weeks and he said he was working in McAllen" said Ramiro Perez.

Perez said he called Mr. Gutierrez on Monday and was promised he would come by the house Thursday.

The Perez family is still waiting.

Action 4 news put in several calls and finally got a hold of Mr. Gutierrez.

He tells us the family paid him and was satisfied with his work.

Gutierrez adds the house is probably suffering from rain damage, which he claims he is not responsible, end of discussion.

"I told the guy that I would go and check it, but I TMve just been busy, said Armando Gutierrez. Him making a big fuss and calling the news station and all that, I TMm just not going to check it, I TMm not asking for that".

Perez has hired another company to come and fix the house.

But said they will be seeking legal action against Mr. Gutierrez and his company.