Call 4 Action - Security system flubs, bad customer service

Gill Tello moved into his Primera home in 1998.He said the house already had a Safehouse Security System installed which was programmed to go off, if the door or windows were broken into.Five years ago Tello said he added four security cameras to the system, after yard statues were stolen from his home.Now retired and looking to travel, Tello said he decided to upgrade the system once again, to let him view his property from his cell phone.He said he paid about $1,600 for the upgrade, but adds that things didn't quite work-out as they were supposed to."To this day|the system to the iPhone has yet to work, Tello said.It works for a while, it works here (at my house), but as soon as I cross the railroad tracks, it doesn TMt work."Tello said he's been having problems since he purchased the system in September, and the last time he spoke to a Safehouse representative was on October 27.That day, Tello said, a technician left him a message stating he would show-up at the house the next day to fix the problem.However, Tello said that tech never showed up to fix the system, and adds he hasn TMt heard back from the company."We pay our bills, we pay the annual fee on time|I had to pay upfront, Tello said.But when it comes to them to come and support, when I need it, they don't show-up."Tello said he's given the company plenty of time to fix the system. He also said the biggest disappointment is the little attention the company has given him, after he's been a good customer for so many years."The product itself is good, Tello said. It's the customer service and the failure to follow through that has concerned me throughout the years, and this recently - I TMve had enough."